May 9th, 2010


Mothers Day

Mothers Day was, um, more active than expected.

My daughter, about to start finals week, found her Macbook Pro was only showing the "white screen of death" instead of the 7-page paper and the 15-page paper and her class notes. The nearest Genius Bar was at least 45 minutes away. She had no access to car. So, I drove three hours to get her and the laptop (and she had some mums for me, for mum's day!), another hour to the Apple store (Stamford Town Center looks like a mall I actually wouldn't mind visiting again, unlike most), and the genius at the bar said the hard drive was fried. The only good news: it's still under warranty and there'll be no charge to replace it. Bad news: nothing was backed up (memo to self, get her an external drive by fall). Mixed news: they'll have it ready in a day or two. Which means no laptop yet for writing the other paper due this week or for rewriting the first two, and somehow she needs to get back to the Apple store once they do call.

I may be putting a lot more miles on the car this week than expected, too.

(She took the diagnosis hard, and that's perfectly expected, but I took her out for dinner and I think that helped, at least a little. Then I drove back home.)