March 15th, 2010


Water and Pies, but not watery pies

This has been a lot of rain.
This morning, I was running late and luckily so, since I heard the sump pump stick and I got down in time to free it and keep the motor from burning out. The swamp I drive past on the way to the main road had flooded across the roadway, and there was a sign posting the closure and a van from a local news station, though I didn't see anyone filming. There was minor flooding once I got to the main road and slow traffic. It's both funny and damn annoying to see huge SUVs tip-toeing their way through 3 inches of water. (No, it's not because the driver doesn't know how deep it really is: they've been following other cars. No, it's not because they're being considerate about throwing up a spray of water on other cars, gimme a break.)

Yesterday was "pi" day: 3/14. (Hmmm... I guess Europeans never get a "pi" day?) I made two pies after I got home from the workshop.

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