October 16th, 2009



The funeral was today. 

On the way back to the hotel, the four of us (me, husband, 21-yr-old son, 19-yr-old daughter)  talked about the differences between it and what we might want for ourselves.  My daughter wants to be dressed in Master Chief footed pajamas (she still regrets not buying the Halo 3 boxers she once saw) and her ceremony should be non-religious and no more than 30 minutes long.  They should show the video of Thriller and read quotes from Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, and from Star Wars if there's time, and there should be a bag of ground coffee put in the coffin with her.  Given the coffee and Thriller, her brother offered to blow her head off with a shotgun when she came back as a zombie, but she thought her final ending ought to be more epic.  So instead he's going to get up high on a stepladder, or something, and drop down on her with an axe, and that's been deemed acceptably cool. 

It's always nice to plan details beforehand.

(Please don' t think they were being flippant about the actual funeral.  They were, and are, wonderfully understanding of when to be serious for such occasions, and when, afterwards, a touch of humor would be welcome.)