July 28th, 2009


Five Word Meme

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The suit in the Tarot deck springs to mind faster than "being in one's...".  Cups are what turned into Hearts, so they're Love (in all its aspects, familial as well as romantic), and by extension, emotions and feelings rather than the intellectual processes. Which ties back to "being in one's..." where "in vino veritas" has nothing to do with scientific truths.  Generosity is in there, too, to fill one's glass, or another's, to overflowing.

"The singer is not the song." But if you could become one... not easy, not likely.  It's interesting to realize that I'd respond differently to "Music" rather than "Song".  Music is on the outside. Song is what resonates on the inside and while you're singing you're inside it, too. "To lift up the voice in song."  And with the lifted voice the rest is lifted up as well.

The unasked for, the unexpected. (I'm sorry, but to pick something off of a person's Amazon "wish list" is very nice but it's to give them a present, not a gift.)  And when someone has a special talent for something, "a gift", it's called that because it's unexpected, inexplicable, and not just what comes from dedicated practice, even if that, too, reaches the same level or even higher. A gift is wonderful, but it's not everything.

Of wine, of clothing, of jewelry, that which somehow develops added value and garners greater appreciation as it ages. Yes, I know that's not the most exact definition: it really means to be of a particular year.  Or, just old.  But going by -my- definition, I hope to be considered "vintage" someday. :-)

Computer geek, it's connections of signals.  Of wires. Of people. Of rope, of thread. Of... well obviously of anything. The connections that allow a joining from here to there, no matter how indirectly, along paths that all have similar nature. Wired or wireless, the internet is a network, but if you need to send a paper letter to someone to tell them about the latest YouTube sensation, that's outside the network.  Similarly, the relative to whom I only send a Christmas card once a year is outside my network of friends, even if more closely connected by blood.

(Ask me for words if you like.)