September 24th, 2008

skeptical amused


On the way to work this morning in very heavy traffic, I saw a perfect photo, but, bah, no camera and no way to get a clear shot even if I had one, so sad. It was a square-ish, Girl-Scout-green SUV with various ribbon stickers on the back, and on the roof it was flying two little flags, one on each side, a US flag and a Red Sox flag, flapping strongly in the breeze. When I pulled up beside it, it turned out the driver was a little old lady with a strong chin, and beneath the window was the model name of the SUV: "Bravada." And how!

Other word for today: Disintegrate. ^_^

Prodigal Garden

I get e-mails from certain companies all the time, and I usually delete without reading. Turns out Park Seed is having a poetry contest ("Ode to My Garden") that ends today. So, just for the helluvit (and, yeah, it's full of very conventional imagery but consider the audience?):

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