September 13th, 2008


Meditation Mediation

I have a problem with repetitious negative thought patterns.  "Maybe I should, shouldn't, should  have, shouldn't have" being the mildest sort of cycle. 

So I've decided to try using a mantra.  If I'm going to get caught up in repetition, let it be something positive, or aim towards a positive goal,  instead of letting me wallow in the same old crap (ewwww!).

I try to be respectful of other traditions so, yes, I did some research on mantras and japa mala and the Hindu and Buddhist traditions involving them.  I am not treating it as a magic spell or a deistic transaction: do this and get this result.   I am not pretending that one set of chants or one cycle of days is going to solve my problems or make me enlightened.  I am choosing one of the simpler ones, the ones recommended for beginners, and I have tried to learn the correct pronunciation and meaning of the words and syllables.   (For pronunciation, some sites have phonetic spellings, a couple have audio clips, there are some chants on YouTube, and there are collections available on Amazon in full album or individual mp3 downloads.)

If it helps in any spiritual fashion, I will be grateful (but probably skeptical).  If it works to retrain my brain so that my mind falls into the mantra instead of "why didn't I, why can't I" then that's quite good enough.