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This is a first: do whatever I want?!

Your Score: Heavenbound

You scored 69% Vata, 74% Pitta, 67% Kapha!

Your body seems to have all three doshas driving it around. That can get pretty confusing at times, but you likely have learned how to deal with your many drives.

Quite frankly, eat what you want. Do what you want. Your personality is manifested by your body in every direction.

But I will say this. I do not believe you will remain in this category for long. You are what you eat after all. So, if you wish to develop a more jittery outlook in life, consider eating more bitter foods. For a more warm, charismatic outlook in life, consider eating spicy foods. And finally, for a more tranquil outlook in life, consider eating sweeter foods.

Link: The Body Personality Test written by Scintilation on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test
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