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Radio Song

Listening to the car radio this morning, and this started coming together...

Just Another Radio Song

The radio's gone staticky again,
Sandpaper grinding the sense away.
Try to stand it till the end
Because it's a good song,
The only one that's been any good
For the last two, three hours,
But they time the damn hills just right
To ruin it.

Punch the scan button,
Punch again to stop it.
They make it jump too quick
To figure out sensibly.
Listen unfocused to catch it,
To catch anything good
Before it's moved on,
Like walking down a hotel corridor
Hearing the noises from half-open doors,
And even the shut ones,
Trying to find the match to your card
And you've gone too far,
Back up.  It's there.
Except the noises coming from it
Aren't good.
Not unless you were already inside.

Punch it.
Let the off-pedal foot tap the beat,
It's an oldie but goodie.
They must be sixty now, seventy,
Still cranking it out on tour,
Twenty thousand hotel rooms