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Heureux by any other name...

The other day, I was (as usual) in the morning commuting traffic on I-93. I'm so used to it that I often go into "automatic" mode and barely notice the car ahead of me except to make sure I keep enough distance to avoid a fender-bender accident. But for a while this time, the car ahead of me was noticeable: an orange Mini with a white top and with the license plate "Heureux". And that reminded me of a long ago French placement test in college. I'd taken four years of French in high school but never achieved fluency. In college, I taken a couple years off from languages, but then needed a distribution requirement and thought about trying another French course. So, placement test, where I found myself searching desperately for words I'd thought I knew. "Write a paragraph about your favorite season of the year." Um... "printemps" is a season, right? Not my favorite, but at least I knew the word. And then a struggle to find things to say about it, except one nice phrase that sprang (pun!) to mind, clearly, simply, easily, and it actually fit: "tout le monde sont heureux".

Which, yes, should have been "tout le monde est heureux". Oh, well!