Cimeara (cimeara) wrote,

...and Readercon ended yesterday

So it's been a while since I last posted. Some of that was sheer busy-ness, some was a side-effect of busy-ness where I thought of things to post but got too caught up in how to describe them and the moment went past.

Readercon was wonderful, as usual. Lots of friends rushing by and occasionally the chance to talk. Dangerously attractive books piled up for sale. Great panels, good panels, and "wtf do they think they're saying" panels, but that's also usual. What isn't usual is splurging on a room at the hotel for Friday and Saturday evening and that was grand in terms of having a reserved quiet place to chill when you needed it, but it maybe kept me from attending as much of the programming as I might have otherwise. Things have been a bit stressful at work lately, and at home there's the college kid, the post-college kid, the house-guest, and their assorted friends and more-than-friends going in and out at all hours of the day and night and they're all great kids but there's never any certainty of who is or isn't going to be around and what they might be doing. So a peaceful hotel room with a soft bed (and someone else makes it), and a coffeepot (or tea, they offered tea, too), and a widescreen TV with HBO (nope, we've never sprung for HBO) with an easier agreement of what to watch... yeah, maybe a little too nice a splurge. :-) Oh, and there was room service. Do not get the "crispy French toast crusted with cornflakes". Someone doesn't realize that when you put a grill press on top, you end up with "smashed thin tile of French toast with cornflake shellack". The oatmeal was good.
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