Cimeara (cimeara) wrote,

Arisia tomorrow...

Well nothing really happening till Friday, and that includes putting the pieces in the art show, but the hotel reservations start tomorrow because that makes everything so much simpler for the next morning.

And signing up for the art show worked: I couldn't face a half-empty table and panel so pieces really did get done (*cough*with only a little more finishing*/cough*). Fewer masks and more jewelry than last year, because that's the way it worked out, but some of the jewelry counts as concept art and not just as pretty shinies (shiny pretties?). I'm also bringing back a couple of pieces from Arisia 2010 that didn't sell and giving them lower prices, so we'll see if I can get rid of them now.

Photos, right. Must remember to take photos beforehand! Last year I didn't remember till they were already in the show and then I was too rushed and frazzled and so some of the pieces only have photos that are very blurry, bleah. I'll post photos when I have them.
Tags: art

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