Cimeara (cimeara) wrote,

Arisia 2012

Hotel reservations opened today, a little earlier than I'd expected but I stlll snagged a double bed room in the quiet section.

Next step, making the art show reservations.

Oh, and yeah, making the art to go in the show. :-) But I have lots of ideas, just have to find the time to execute them. Some ideas for jewelry (a spider necklace, a mermaid necklace, a garden of Eden necklace, and at least a couple steampunk themed) and some for masks (template already sketched out and cut for a stag mask, horned, with a moon between the horns) and some for other pieces (leather hands cupped into a.. er.. "hand" basket, and another idea of a dryad form made of leather and bark).

Tags: art

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