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The world today...

Head's up. A new not-quite-accurate news story is hitting the media.

A teacher is in trouble and people across the country are upset because he docked students' grades for saying "Bless you!" when someone sneezed. Obviously a case of church/school separation going way too far, right? and all the political bloggers are weighing in on the matter.

The real problem seems to be that the teacher made it clear he thought saying "Bless you!" was nonsense anyway. "Do you think she has an evil spirit?" Instead of sticking to the real reason he wanted to punish them: "The teacher believed that students were dramatically sneezing and responding in repetitive fashion...". High school health class. Faking sneezes and then everyone saying "Bless you!" and the student then was thanking each and every "blesser", so the teacher started marking points off for anyone who said the blessing as a way to stop the game.

The principal says the teacher will find another method of discipline.

Oh, and one student's complaint about the grade-docking was that the prohibiition against saying "Bless you!" wasn't in the class syllabus.