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Moroccan Restaurants, Part II

The other restaurant from the trip to Virginia earlier this month...

Taste of Morocco, Silver Spring, MD

Their website may give you a headache with all the popping and sliding panes.  Getting to the place is not as obvious as it looks.  Parking is only available in a public garage around the corner.   The restaurant itself is part of a deadly dull urban mall.  But the food is very good.

The City Place Mall is on the northeast corner of the intersection of routes 97 and 29, not very far off of 495.  Since I was coming from the south, I made the mistake of choosing the route 97 exit.   Unfortunately, there are restrictions on turning left at 29 and the car behind me wasn't interested in waiting while I tried to read the sign.   So, straight ahead and eventually found a place for a U-turn, and then a right on 29.    Another right at the next intersection brought me to a parking garage (on the left) that has a elevated walkway across to the mall. 

Taste of Morocco is next to Ruby Tuesdays at the route 29 front of the mall, on the ground floor level, which isn't the first level because the mall goes further down.  There's beautiful tilework and a few brocaded benches behind the small square tables, but the general feeling is very standard "nice restaurant" with its glass-covered white tablecloths.   The salt and pepper server shaped like mini-tagines are very cute, though.

If there's more than one person, you can get a multi-course meal for a fixed price.  But I was there for lunch by myself and not willing to shell out for extras, though the prices aren't bad.   So, lamb shanks with prunes, served with no rice or couscous, no salad or appetizer.   It was excellent.   Meltingly tender lamb, well flavored, with prunes cooked but obviously not as long as the lamb because they weren't falling apart, and the whole sprinkled with sesame seeds and sliced almonds.   It did come with bread.   The other restaurant in NJ had served standard pita flatbread, but this place served a couple of sections of a dense round loaf risen enough to be about an inch thick.   I asked what sort, and the server told me it was a Moroccan bread baked on the premises. 

The mint tea comes in two sizes, large and small.  I picked large and that was a good thing because the large pot is not very large at all.   The server poured the first glass (from only a foot up) and then left the pot for me to serve myself.   An array of liquor bottles behind the cash register makes it likely to assume they sell drinks other than tea.

For general review, I'd say the food is better here than at Marakesh in NJ, but I'd only come back with a group of people, and a lot of time, so we could enjoy a fuller range of foods.   And maybe only for a weekend dinner to enjoy the entertainment, too.


This is related to another restaurant of the same name in Arlington, with a simpler website.  You might try that.