Cimeara (cimeara) wrote,

Another year older...

Long time, no post. Too busy? Too... something.

This. Ouch.

Rango is a much different movie than I'd been expecting. There were moments of surreal beauty.

Quidam... d'uh, it's Cirque du Soleil. Of COURSE there were moments of surreal beauty, and a stunning array of talent. It was heavier on atmosphere than the last two productions we've seen (Ovo and Dralion) but I liked that. Ovo had a more direct story, but the story seemed a way of linking the acts. Quidam made me feel as though the acts were interludes in the story, but they came together beautifully in the "Statue" act.

Son and daughter have been delivered to their respective colleges. No significant problems from earthquake or tropical storm. The new Vietnamese/Chinese restaurant near us, Pho 'n Roll, has some interesting items on the menu, though their "crispy fried quail" appetizer was derided by my son as an exercise in futility: "Here, let me try to get some meat off this leg. Yep, yep, I'm totally full now." He was much more appreciative of the Groupon deal I got for the Brazilian Steakhouse in Woburn.

New baskets were made and sometime I'll get around to posting photos. One was seagrass (commercially braided) coiled with silk perle. I used that to make a base basket for the three raffia shells and that went to the deCordova student/faculty salon show "Art and Nature" that opens this Saturday. Salon show = not judged. Any student gets to put one piece in, and so I did. Still moving forward on this course, and we'll see where it takes me.

Triangle Walks from Fever Ray on Vimeo.

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