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Communing with nature

I was out on the deck today, despite the heat, because I was starting another Spanish moss basket and the loose pieces of the moss scatter everywhere. It's a very small deck and the most direct way to get there is from the enclosed porch (which we use for storage instead of as a porch *sighs "someday..."*), but the sliding door to the porch has problems with its track and is very hard to open. The only other way is completely around the house. So we don't use the deck much.

I was sitting very quietly working on the basket when I caught a quick movement from the corner of my eye. A chipmunk had come around the corner of the deck. It stopped and, well, glared at me. Chipmunks have beady little black eyes. So do squirrels. You could read almost any expression in those sorts of eyes. But chipmunks have a darkish stripe that goes from ear to nose at the eye that elongates the eye and lighter patches of fur above and below that add even more to the effect, and given a certain angle of the head, these eyes looked narrowed and quite resentful. "This is MY pathway. What's SHE doing here?!"

I smiled. I said "Hello, there." But it turned and scurried off. Obviously it had Very Important Business somewhere and now it had to find another way there, huff.

I hope I didn't make it too late.