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Not as in "ruff, ruff!" but as in "rough, rough"... okay, not even that, it's really fairly smooth. Somehow in the several years that my workplace has been Wellesley Gateway, I never noticed till now that the landscaping plan includes half-a-dozen trees that shed their bark each summer. Sycamores, or plane-trees, I don't know the difference well enough, but they look like this:


The bark is thin and falls off in various sized flakes, none of which is much bigger than hand-sized but it does come in interesting patterns and shapes, sometimes with embedded holes. I have no idea how well it holds up over time. If it doesn't disintegrate, it might be used to make a patchwork sort of basketry thing. And I wouldn't have to go searching for fallen birch trees in some as-yet-unfound section of woods?

Tags: art

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