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Busy Weekend

Friday, I drove down to my daughter's apartment in West Haven, CT. I did useful things: picked up the mail, stopped the leaky shower from splashing out on the floor, replaced the battery in her bedroom clock, put a hook on the back of the bathroom door, put up the curtain rod and curtains in the living room, and paid the rent for July. I did more enjoyable things, too, and none of them involved the internet (I'd forgotten where she kept the password for access). I started (and nearly finished) another shell basket, I figured out more on how to teach the "coiled baskets" workshop at GNEW this coming weekend, I watched four episodes of "Friday Night Lights" and two Harry Potter movies, I listened to all of my new "Bon Iver" CD, and I picked up a very VERY good Indian meal from Coromandel, just down Boston Post Road in Orange, CT. The "Coromandel Sham Savera" seemed a bit dry (even though it's a signature dish for them), but the lamb "Salli Boti", the lemon "Chitrannam" rice, and the coconut "Peshwari naan" were all delicious. I hadn't ordered dessert. They included some of the syrupy gulab jamum balls anyway. Definitely a place to remember for takeout or dining in.

I got a late start back on Saturday, partly because I hadn't allowed enough time to put up the curtains but also from wanting to avoid the afternoon heat (my car's air conditioning hasn't worked for years). Lucky, though, because I caught sight of fireworks in Auburn, just below Worcester. So I left at the next exit and found a parking lot with a good view:

... which was better and safer than those who just stopped in the breakdown lane of I-290.