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Chicken Salad with Parenthetical Remarks

I'm not going to give a recipe, as such ("per se"? nope), for the chicken salad.

I've discovered this strange but-to-me-wonderful combination of raisin bread with chicken salad, but we were out of chicken salad this morning. (Yes, this was breakfast. I don't do cereal. Totally random other combinations; never cereal.) But we had sufficient ingredients...

canned chicken (chicken is necessary)
low-fat mayonnaise (some sort of mayo is traditional)
salt & pepper (doesn't everything need them?)

But very bland. So...

some sweet pepper relish (er... it goes in tuna salad?)
finely minced scallions, mostly the green portion (onion-ish, right?)
a little lemon juice (sparks it up)

Better, and certainly more colorful! But still needs...

a little sour cream (low-fat)
a little whipped cream cheese (Weight-Watchers, hardly any fat at all)

Close, very close, but just a little something more...

a sprinkle of hot Hungarian paprika (regular paprika plus a little hot sauce would work)

And that was good enough to stop.

Note: I also had a couple dozen cookbooks within arm's reach, but isn't it fun sometimes to improvise?

And by the way, has anyone else noticed that the GroupOn copywriters are crazy enough to read just for the humor? (Points if you can say where else I posted this!)

From an offer for Boston ICA membership:
"A caption beneath a recently discovered cave-wall etching reads, "Ceci n'est pas une parasaurolophus," giving curious insight into the primitive beginnings of modern art."

From an offer for the International Steampunk City Festival:
"The narrative possibilities of science fiction allow artists to create striking, iconic images, such as a bone turning into a satellite or William Shatner writing a novel."

Something to keep in mind if boredom keeps striking. :-)


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Apr. 28th, 2011 05:17 am (UTC)
The parenthetical remarks are the best part :D

(That and the ICA membership offer)
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