Cimeara (cimeara) wrote,

What I've been up to (part 1)

So what have I been doing with my life?

I've been Parental. The college kids come home for spring break in mid-March of course, but we've also had visits since, with both of them back last weekend. My daughter had been invited to a friend's wedding. She started out only invited to the reception, but some family members couldn't make the actual wedding and her friend pulled her into that part, too, and both were so happy to see each other than we didn't mind all the driving back and forth across Massachusetts and Connecticut.

I've been Sociable. At the beginning of April, we had a lovely dinner and wonderful conversation with an LJ friend of my husband's who was visiting Boston (and she's now an LJ friend of mine, too! *waves* ^_^). Then April 9th was the SCA "Saturday with Shakespeare" event. Great performances, and very interesting and well-explained choice of direction: "Measure for Measure" as a commedia-infused comedy. But also a chance to see old friends. "Sociable" will continue: Friday night is dinner with relatives and then the 30th is another SCA event to celebrate the group's 40th anniversary. More old friends!

I've been Responsible. Taxes are done. FAFSA corrections are done. Re-correction of FAFSA corrections have been done. Bah.

I've been Creative. Though nothing's been finished, there's now FOUR baskets underway, but each has some problem of size or messiness or tools needed that restricts when I can work on them. And I've found out I've got a skin sensitivity to the materials in one of them where I'll need to use gloves to finish it. Bah.

Tags: family, me, sca

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