Cimeara (cimeara) wrote,

Double dose of Shakespeare

I keep meaning to write something here about everything that's been happening and I'm still intending to get around to it, but other things keep happening. But here and now, two Shakespeare related items...

Yesterday, SCA event of "A Saturday with Shakespeare" with a wonderful performance of "Measure for Measure" interpreted (with reason, and a talk by the directors beforehand to explain) as a Commedia-influenced comedy rather than as a problem play. Excellent acting, wonderful fun!

Today, I heard about a project to film "A Midsummer Night's Dream" in a retired actors home. Not so much to film the actual play as to film the making of it and what it means to the actors to be involved in such a project and what happens to a creative life as we age. The makers are the same who did "Shakespeare Behind Bars" and the info w/trailer is here:

They're looking for "get-off-the-ground" initial funds. Of course there's thousands of other good projects and more important causes out there, but please consider this one.
Tags: movie, review, sca, theater

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