Cimeara (cimeara) wrote,

Friday Meme

From several people:

To play along, make a post with the following statements in order of when they occurred in your life (feel free to add/remove/edit as appropriate). Just the first occurrences of each, and only ones you were old enough at the time that you remember it.

Try to start a business.
Become gainfully employed (more than babysitting/paper route/mowing lawns, something with a weekly paycheck).
Visit a foreign country.
Graduate from high school.
Start college.
Join the SCA.
Go to a sf/fantasy/fandom convention.
Get drunk.
Move out of parents' house for good.
Meet future spouse.
Go to Pennsic.
Get married.
Buy a car.
Graduate from college.
Get a computer/laptop.
Buy a house.
Have kids.
Get laid off.
Get a cell phone.
Get a traffic ticket.

Haven't done (yet):
Go to live in another country.
Drive cross-country.
Get divorced.
Get remarried.
Get arrested.
Move more than 500 miles for a job.
Kids move out.
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