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Not going to happen

I filled out a submission form for a deCordova School Gallery show, for a piece I hadn't finished (major mistake). It would need to be delivered tomorrow. Tomorrow is a major go-live at work, today has been filled with monitoring sudden potential work problems and with FAFSAs and the related tax forms and publications. Tax forms *sigh* - with my husband now self-employed as a contract worker, and my mother's estate still lingering in various forms, it's so much more complicated than it used to be! I did our taxes myself till two years ago, by TurboTax for 2008, and finally went to a tax preparer last year. Of course we don't need the full tax return yet for FAFSAs, so this part still gets done by hand, by me. Both kids' FAFSAs complained that our income had changed too much, would we reexamine the entries? Well, yes, wow, we don't have the distribution (taxable and non-) from my mother's annuity this year. Next year (I really really hope) my sister will finally say what should happen to her half of the trust, and then suddenly we'll have investments. Life happens. But there isn't always room for art.