Cimeara (cimeara) wrote,

The Kids Are really very good

So last night I finally saw "The Kids Are All Right". Note: not "Alright" but "All Right". The acting is superb. The writing is pretty good. The joy is that these really do seem like real people, each a real mix of good points and bad, and the misunderstandings and the mistakes and the stilted attempts to get back on track, all feel very real. There are unbelievable bits (he owns and runs a, no, TWO businesses? her freshman room is THAT big?) but they don't detract, or distract, from the rest. There's a lot of open gay affection and attraction in kisses, hugs, a hand moving across a body part. There's also a lot of very explicit sex. But, yeah, it's noticeable that the open, direct, explicit sexual intercourse is all hetero, and the gay sex happens literally under-the-covers or cropped off-screen. So mainstream Hollywood is getting there, but obviously not there yet.

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