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The state I'm in

Strange summery storm last Saturday night, thunder and lightning and rain over snow. Our son was home for the weekend and he was the one who noticed how bright the lightning seemed, so much more reflection.

Sunday was the second class of the "Basket, Vessel, Sculpture" workshop at the DeCordova. I'm really liking the teacher, Lois Russell. She's been doing basketry since 1988 and is very knowledgeable, very friendly, very down to earth, and yes, sick of teapots but she's making yet another because they sell. This class, the advanced students learned new ways of making bases. We beginners started on twining in waxed linen cord (on pre-made bases, we'll learn even basic bases later) so as to build little baskets like the ones here. Every session seems to start with a show-and-tell and so I'd brought my two baskets from other workshops, the one in hog gut from Pat Hickman's course and the one in mesh and twisted wire from John Garrett's class, to good reactions and interest.

Today, for lunch I got to drive from Wellesley to Medford for a general physical (okay, hadn't had one in 3 years), complete with flu shot. Verdict: not at all bad for the age I am, but with the standard admonitions to lose more weight, get more exercise, take the screening tests, etc. We'll see.