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"Basket, Vessel, Sculpture"

"Basket, Vessel, Sculpture" is the titla of the class I'm taking at deCordova this term. It's taught by Lois Russell, which makes it the third workshop I've taken from someone in the "500 Baskets" book, although the first that asked you to get the book as part of the course materials.

We had the first class today. She seems good. Half the class are those who have taken the class before, which is also a very positive indication. Also the explicit notification that it's fine whereever in the titled continuum you'd like to fall: basket (traditional form), vessel (intermediary form), or sculpture (non-utilitarian form).

Also, this evening (thanks to my husband, who saw it in the menu) I saw the last half of the original "The Crow" movie. Um... what should I say? I can see why those who loved the first wouldn't care for the second. The first is a "real" movie: characters, dialogue, plot (possibly). The second is much more simplistic, much more highly stylized... but I -liked- the stylization. The first is a better movie. The second is more visually stunning. My opinion, eh.