Cimeara (cimeara) wrote,

Arisia, Day whatever

It doesn't take long at a con for everything to run together. You know the different days only when you have to turn a page to see the next scheduled set of activities. There's been wonderfully good panels, good music, good performances, good meals, good people to talk with. Not enough sleep, well d'uh, but I can't sleep now: in half an hour the art show "closes" and they start running through voice auctions of pieces with three or more bids, and people have the last chance to put in a bid on pieces without one.

All but two of my 15 pieces have bids on them, and one of those two is a "not for sale".

There were wonderful compliments on my pieces and several people thought I'd priced them way too low, but, hey, people were willing to buy them at those prices and maybe not at higher ones. (And that's what a low minimum bid is supposed to find out, to see how high people will go?) I also lucked out by having arguably the best spot there: a panel and table across the end of a row, exactly face on to people just as they enter the show. But whatever the reasons for so many pieces selling, it's a great ego-booster and helps to excuse (if not quite cover) the expense of the hotel and con. :-)

Tags: art

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