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Arisia Day 1

Actually, Day 1.5? My husband dropped me off yesterday evening and I worked at finishing the last two masks till nearly midnight. Then finished off the conceptual art piece at noon-thirty today, took a shower, got dressed, gathered things together, and checked into the art show at 2 pm. Great location in the show, right near the entrance. Once again was told my prices are way too low, go figure.

I had noticed beforehand that the rooms had no microwaves, and confirmed on arrival that the mini-bar refrigerator is not to be used for guest foods. High quality hotels = less useful accommodations for guests because everyone is expected to be on an expense account or won't care. But, hey, granola bars and "breakfast cookies" and canned chicken and multigrain wraps don't need refrigeration or microwaves, so there. I was jamming too much stuff into my bags to trust fruit to stay unbruised, unfortunately, but I'm still hoping to get by with only one real meal bought per day. And maybe I'll try a bartender's "sazerac" instead of my own home versions.

There are definite advantages to the hotel. All the spaces are so much more spacious than the Hyatt Aztec, uh, Regency, that Arisia's been at previously. Huge space that combines both Art Show and Dealers Room, very comfortable waiting area for registration, and not even much wait there. And seven elevators instead of three for getting back to your room! Also, soooo near the ICA that I've got to find time to go over there this weekend.



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Jan. 15th, 2011 02:58 am (UTC)
I think your case of Coke Zero got left at home. Oh well, it will still be here waiting for you.

Hope you have fun.
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