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Not-Working and Working

Last day of the holidays part 1. I'd already said I would be taking today off from work, so wonderfully no angst or pressure over whether or not to try getting there. Tomorrow, back to work but off again for Friday and the weekend, holidays part 2.

Christmas dinner was roast goose, a fruited stuffing (wild & brown rice, cornbread, mixed mushrooms, apples and oranges and pears and sausage), mashed chestnuts (with chicken broth and butter and a dollop of hazelnut syrup), corn with chipotle, baby carrots roasted in the goose fat, and a rum-flavored pumpkin pie for dessert. The day after Christmas, there were no set meals, ha! Too many leftovers and everyone was left to forage on their own.

My wishlist garnered me both "Alabaster" by greygirlbeast and "Habitations of the Blessed" by catvalente so I'm set for reading. I love their work, and the works of other writers who slip between the bars of conventional thought and send postcards back from the spaces inbetween. Then I look at my art projects and too many seem dull and boring in comparison. But not all. Sometimes the light is right, the wind shifts and comes from that twisted corner of the compass and my mind says, "oh, of course, this is what has to be." And the best I can say is that I'm getting more and more to where I have the recognition and the skills to make whatever that is, happen. But with and without the wind, I've been busy and there are several more pieces for Arisia than there were before.