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Nearly Christmas...

The presents are wrapped. The stockings are stuffed. The living room has almost enough room for the tree and the presents and the chairs where we'll sit tomorrow to open gifts and ooh! and ahh! and laugh over what we've got and what others have gotten, too. Tonight, we'll do our own particular family tradition of driving out to look at all various house decorations throughout the town. (I highly recommend this to people with small children. It quiets them down for an actual bedtime despite the intense anticipation of Christmas Eve.)

We're not religious anymore, if ever much we were, but most of the celebrations we keep are timed to the Christian ones whatever our non-Christian expression of it, which means Christmas is our winter holiday. (For the record, I was baptized Episcopalian, first attended a Lutheran church, was switched to Roman Catholic when my father went back to that; my husband was never baptized and was raised non-religious but within a Protestant family background; we were married by a minister in a high Episcopalian ceremony, but when we had children, we took them to a Unitarian Universalist church). So for those who celebrate the religious version, I wish you a very happy holy-day. For those whose religion lies elsewhere, my apologies for missing your particular day, but please know I do wish you health and happiness. And for all, may you have a wonderful new year, for whenever your new year starts.