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Cold, Dark, Tired

Still another week till the solstice and the darkness descends so early. It feels as if it's been dark for hours and it's not even six.

There was a blood drive at work today and they managed to get a pint out of me with the least fuss ever. This makes two successes from, oh, six or seven attempts. Small, rolling veins that close up on them. They feel for the vein and the face falls and it's "um, let's try the other arm... well maybe the first again..." and then they call over the current expert, the person who's best at sticking people. I'd hoped that losing weight would help and maybe it did, but the expert this time was awesomely good anyway, one-try insertion, even to knowing just how to jiggle the needle when the machine started beeping at me for being too slow at filling the bag. And I have only a small round bruise from the needle, not a palm-sized black & blue mark. It feels wrong to make them go through all the preliminary procedures and then have to give up on getting the needle in, or give up at a half-filled bag, but the shortages always make me want to chance it. I'm very glad things worked this time.

More masks are being made. Three are cut and trimmed and I'm only waiting for the heads (see icon) to mold them (yes, I can use my own face, but I found from the other mask that complicated large masks really need support all through the drying process). We'll see, we'll see, how well they come out.



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Dec. 15th, 2010 05:11 pm (UTC)
well, good for you!

Mine got rejected for iron deficiency anaemia 9 times out of 10 back when I was a donor in the UK... and the Dutch don't want my blood AT ALL at any cost cos I'm British & they're frightened that I'll give them all mad cow disease.

C. xxx
Dec. 22nd, 2010 10:52 pm (UTC)
Honestly, I'd been feeling so tired recently that I was interested in seeing if they -did- think I had an iron problem! And yes, here, too, they still remember the "mad cow" outbreak, they ask if someone has spent time in the UK during that period, but they've got it now at "spent at least 3 months there" instead of just a visit. (We did visit for a week. We even stayed at a farmhouse B&B!)
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