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Yes! I'm not the only one!

I always read the "iPod Shuffle" column in the Boston Globe. I like finding out what odd combinations of music are on people's players. But today's was special. Today's was Liz Phair:

“I have this very religious feeling about my shuffle," she says by phone from Manhattan Beach, Calif. The alt-rock goddess...almost exclusively enjoys the music in her iTunes library in random mode and treats listening sessions like mythical musical messages from the gods about the current state of her life “just like the ancient Greeks would go to the Oracle Delphi. I take it so seriously."

Yes! I get this! I mean, sure, it's silly, but I do have this sort of feeling about the first few songs that come out in any session. I wonder how much of it is from doing Tarot readings? The feeling that if you shuffle something, you have just given the universe a chance to speak to you, or given the cards/songs/whatever the ability to align themselves with the current forces around you. If the universe can speak, or wants to. If there are forces. Okay, very silly. But, still... :-)