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Art Reception

Yesterday was my first art reception where I was there as an artist, not just as a viewer. Two of my pieces were accepted into a juried art show. It's a small show called "Taking Off" at the Arlington Center for the Arts, their first juried show for people who've taken classes there, though the pieces didn't have to be from the classes. The theme is about "taking off", about learning new skills in art and going farther, so I'd actually submitted pieces made in other classes elsewhere. This one was from the workshop in wire in October:

Copper Nest

and this one from the week-long class in gut last June:

Being, Not-Being, and Becoming

I'd also submitted the wall piece from an assemblage class which wasn't accepted, but, hey, two of three pieces made it in and I'm very, very pleased with that. The show is in a small gallery space next to the offices of the art center, and with the invited artists and those who'd been at the earlier board meeting, the reception was very well attended. I had fun explaining to people just what material was used on that second piece ("no, not paper...") and, amazingly, I met someone else who'd been at that Peters Valley class. I knew she lived in the area, but we hadn't been in direct touch. Turns out a friend of hers was also in the show. It was great talking to her again, and I may see her at the next set of classes I'm taking, ones in "Baskets, Vessels, and Sculpture" at the deCordova in late January.

Today, off to Tandy to buy leather for masks for Arisia! I don't think I've shown off the one I made at yet-another-October workshop. It came out nicely creepy:

Mask with Hands

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