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Evil Turkey and the Five Desserts

For "real Thanksgiving", the family one at my brother-in-law's place last Thursday, I only had to bring some extra desserts to add to an already planned apple pie and pumpkin pie. I brought a pecan pie, a lemon chess pie, a chocolate cream pie, and a large pan of pear-apple crumble, and that made enough desserts for the 10 guests plus leftovers for everyone to take home. My daughter especially loved the lemon chess pie, so I told her I'd teach her how to make one for "second Thanksgiving", for our own home version which we had Saturday night because otherwise there's no leftover turkey or stuffing for other days. So she made the pie, and I cooked the turkey, the stuffing, the mashed regular & sweet potatoes, and the roasted brussel sprouts & green beans. And so there were five desserts made by us over the holidays, and the recipe I used for the turkey was this one. It was delicious.