Cimeara (cimeara) wrote,

Travel from days past

Today I take my daughter back to college and I haven't even caught up on everything that happened on the last trip.

Strange signs, strange because of their obviousness. In the "you can drive 55 right through" Easy Pass lanes in New Jersey: "Do Not Back Up". At the approach to the northbound tolls at the George Washington bridge, where multiple multi-lane highways merge, in the middle of the merge point: "Absolutely No Stopping". Other strangeness: a burgundy cloth recliner in the grass between northbound and southbound 395 in Connecticut, way between exits. It must have fallen off a car or truck, but it's in the middle of the grass not on the edge. It's sitting normally, not tipped over on its side. It's slightly reclined. As if someone has just been watching traffic for a while and gotten up without fully putting it upright.

Good place to eat: Carrabba's. An Italian chain restaurant, but a more interesting menu than most and nicely char-grilled food.

Great place to eat: Laziza, just west of 95 on rte. 3 at Fredericksburg in northern Virginia. Wonderful, wonderful Lebanese food (and astonishingly esoteric wine list), apparently with not much community support. The waitress was very disappointed to learn I wasn't from the area. It's tucked into the back reaches of a range of strip malls, on the other side of the road from the one with the McD's. Find it.

Best place to eat: a light supper with negothick on the way back from Connecticut. Good food and lovely conversation with a marvelous person. You'll have to ask her for directions and reservations. :-) But be careful of the neighbors' cat! Yet another strangeness: I opened the car door and heard a meowing sound very close. Without getting out, afraid to step on something, I looked down, around, and saw no cat. Another "meow" and I looked up to see a cat's head peering at me from atop the car. After a few pets, it jumped down and wandered off. But it had looked perfectly comfortable and at home, as if it normally rode on the tops of cars and was giving up on me for not giving it a lift.

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