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Spirit Day

I've been feeling off-kilter the past week or so and barely remembering to check LJ, when LJ is where I often pick up on current events other than the ones that make Google News headlines or the local newspaper. But today I was trying to catch up, and hit smack into "today is Spirit Day". My heart sank and I kicked myself mentally: "purple! I was supposed to wear purple!"

Then I looked down and realized: I -am- wearing purple. I'd switched at the last minute from a black knit top to a purple one. And I felt much, much better.

Because it doesn't matter that what I wear on the outside might not reflect my thoughts and beliefs. That in purple or in black I'd still support LGBT rights and activities. What matters is that, today, other people see I'm wearing purple. Silence is not always golden. Silence is not always counted as consent. Not where ostracism is so hurtful, not where bullying is also met with silence. So if someone has seen me today and thought "there's someone else, that's another person, that makes N+1" then thank gods I changed my mind about the top. Because "N+1" people who support you is always better than "N" and there's no telling where the tipping point might be between "everyone is against me" to "maybe they aren't".


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Oct. 20th, 2010 07:43 pm (UTC)
Exactly this. Thank you.
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