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Alice in Underland

Yesterday, I finally caught the latest version of "Alice in Wonderland" (the Tim Burton, Johnny Depp one) on "On Demand" on cable. I'm rather glad I didn't pay movie theater prices. (I'm rather upset that I paid Comcast twice, but I'll explain that later.)

I liked it. The imagery was wonderful. The acting was great.

But it jarred. There was imagery that didn't fit -my- imagery (or Tenniel's). There was acting that didn't fit the character, or not the character I'd expected, or not the character as portrayed previously or subsequently, or not the character that should have, could have, possibly fit into that setting, those times. So it was all a series of hiccups, of adjusting the suspension of disbelief.

And then my son and his girlfriend came in to talk, 20 minutes before the end. I put the film on pause. It timed out. It was not in the "saved programs". To see the rest, I had to buy it again and "fast forward" (ridiculously description for the effect) to get back to where I'd left off. Feh.

Generally, nice Jabberwocky, surprisingly good Red Queen and Tweedledum/Tweedledee, odd but workable Bandersnatch, awesome Dormouse, difficultly in total appreciation of anyone else.