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I know where this came from...

Last night I dreamt of mattresses. A warehouse full of mattresses, of all sorts, from fat premium pillowtops to thin little pallets. One of the thin ones had scales; rubbery rounded flaps all over it, a decorated air mattress, as if those were supposed to make it softer. Another one, thicker, was of slit and sculpted paper, with a sort of honeycombed effect showing through the slits. Weird.

But my daughter's mattress set finally came last Thursday, a week later than the initially expected possibility, and it's a nice set and she loves it, and so that's done. Now I'm spending time calling Comcast on her behalf, because, yes, they did come on time to install the cable package, but the guy couldn't get the internet connected, the phone lost its dial tone after the first couple of hours, and the "On Demand" doesn't work on the TV, it freezes when trying to call up the featured videos. The installer claimed bad wiring for the first and said he'd put in a work order ticket. Six days later, the customer service rep said they had no record of a ticket and from their end it looks like the modem was installed improperly, which would explain everything. So now we have a ticket and they'll come to fix it, sometime.

Also, the apartment building is getting fumigated for cockroaches.



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Aug. 31st, 2010 08:30 pm (UTC)
Better than not getting fumigated for cockroaches, but still...
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