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Putting it together

There's a piece I need before I can put the next skull-ship together. I need to make a mat. The main part of the base is a rusted iron round of a pole support and it will be perfect, but I want a coiled rust-colored raffia mat under it so the iron isn't resting right on the table or shelf. I need the mat attached to the base before I can judge the right length bolts to stick in the base to hold the skull in a ship-like position. And I need the skull held before I can put on the mast, to be sure the mast is vertical. And I need the mast up before I can see where it looks best to attach the crossbeam, and then I can work on the "sail" and the other pieces of the ship. But right now, I'm still coil-stitching the mat together.

Last Sunday, I put Ikea furniture together for my daughter's apartment. For a drawer, you start with the face board. Then you screw in the four bolts and hammer in the four dowels. Then you attach the side boards and screw the locking cams in place for the four bolts. Then you slide in the bottom panel. Then you pop on the back board of the drawer and hammer in the four plastic bolts that hold that in place. Then, if a small drawer, you attach the handle with two screws. Or, for a large drawer, you screw in the back bottom support, and then put a glide on each bottom side with three screws each. And for the small set of drawers you do all of this three times, and for the large set of drawers you do this six times, and that's not counting the steps you went through to get the frames together.

We had a cordless screwdriver and a cordless screwdriver/drill and my hands are still stiff and sore. It's a hell of a lot better than the blisters I'd had gotten from manual screwdrivers, but it's very weird to have the pads of thumbs and index fingers ache so much from the pressure of holding the electric tools and holding pieces in place.