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I know, I know, I buy too much stuff from Amazon. But dammit, they have what I want and they deliver it quick and cheap and on time, at least for Prime customers. The textbooks I ordered yesterday are supposed to come tomorrow, and they will come tomorrow, I'm sure of it.

I tried to buy a mattress set for my daughter, for where she's staying at college this year. I did do the research, I went with US-Mattress because they had very decent customer reviews compared to the other online retailers, and they had the type she wanted and the price was good and they said "next day delivery." Which I knew wasn't really next day, but I ordered Tuesday evening and the window was Thursday to Monday. I paid the extra for that, too. And then I called up and talked to them and they said Friday was most likely but the actual delivery company would call first and if Thursday, I could tell them to wait till Friday. And Friday was good because I would be there on Friday and she would be moving in on Saturday.

But they forgot to ship it.

I called today because I hadn't gotten any call. They were very apologetic. But now it won't come till Monday at the very earliest, but more likely Tuesday.

I know, I know, it's only two days difference and I shouldn't mind and my daughter should just suck it up about having to sleep on an air mattress for only those couple of nights. But it wasn't what was supposed to happen, and it wasn't what I was told was going to happen, and I had to ask them about a refund of the extra delivery fee, which they quickly did, but at least one of the three customer service people that I talked with should have offered it on their own.

And according to Rugs USA, the rugs supposedly were shipped yesterday, except UPS tracking says that they got the billing information yesterday but nothing has yet moved.