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Good Music, Cheap

Yesterday I'd dropped my daughter and her friend off at the Burlington Mall, and went to find a place less crowded and stressful to hang out, and maybe find a bank branch as well. The "Bank of America" across Burlington Mall Road turned out to be only a loan office, no ATM, but I stopped into Newbury Comics next door. Now, true, I remember when Newbury Comics was mostly comics and when it was only on Newbury Street, but I don't mind the change, especially when I can find a section of $1.99 CDs, used but who cares, and can pick up a very eclectic selection of music by artists I'd never heard of. I went strictly off the covers and song titles (even though the store did have a listening setup just above the rack) and this is what I ended up with:

"This Too Shall Pass" by The Fold (2006, EP): current style of not-exactly-boy band, radio-friendly but with a bit of bite to it

"Stay Inside" by Sound the Alarm (2007): very similar (to my ears) to the above

"The Further Adventures of Flim & the BB's" (1988): great modern jazz/pop by a group that I found out were digital-sound pioneers; their works were often used by audiophiles to test out sound systems because of their deliberately wide choice of range

"Gates of Delerium" by Midnight Syndicate (2001): horror movie mood music! did I mention my husband is running a "Call of Cthulhu" campaign? (and this was the only one where I'd known ahead of time what it would be like, since we have the D&D version)

"Solace" by Michele Pinet (2006): self-produced CD of harp music "from Handel to Gershwin", except it's actually from Antonio de Cabezon to David Watkins

"Zheng Melodies: Above the Clouds", Chinese Han Music (2000): wonderful music and, by the reviews, very good performances, which I confess I wouldn't be able to tell on my own

"Misericordia" by Damnation A.D. (1996, EP): this one is a little too heavy for my everyday tastes, but good for passing along to chainsawraven :-)

"Boston by Friday" by Eric Gerber (2000): folk/country/blues songs, nicely written and performed by someone local at the time but who's since moved off again

"Sirena" by Cousteau (2002): odd, odd blend of 1940/50's lounge singer and something else where I'm not even sure what to label the something else

"An Instinct for Detection" by Lionrock (1996, single CD version): another oddity, this of techno/jazz/trip-hop with some very cool sounds

"Heart Full of Wine/Chocolates & Cigarettes" by Angus & Julia Stone (2007, double EP): indie folk/pop brother & sister team from Australia, her voice light but brittle, his a little rougher, but it's the acoustic instrumentation that I really like, at least at first hearing

"Kensington Square" by Vincent Delerm (2004): it's (mostly) in French but I don't care, the music and attitude and the voice are quite enough, and the "mostly" is because he writes in contemporary French scattered with English words as needed for the subject matter: "Les Filles de 1973 ont trente ans, celles qui ont vu trois fois rain man... celles qui mettaient des bandanas et des t-shirts best montana..."



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Aug. 1st, 2010 07:29 pm (UTC)

Aaaahhhh Newbury Comics... Aaaahhh.
Aug. 2nd, 2010 08:13 pm (UTC)
Aug. 3rd, 2010 11:09 pm (UTC)
I found the full album version of "An Instinct for Detection" and there are a few songs on it that I think I might really like. This may merit a purchase.
Aug. 4th, 2010 12:46 am (UTC)
^_^ !!!

Seriously, I swear, my mission in life (unpaid, no job category for it, feh) is to connect "people who might like this" with the "this" that I find.

BTW, have you ever heard Juno Reactor? Electronica/dance music. I have "Shango". It turned out that the female model for the life-drawing classes at the Arlington Center for the Arts really likes that sort of music and hadn't know about them till I played some for her off my MP3 player.
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