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Five Questions Meme

From shutt3rg33k's LJ:

Leave a comment saying ":D" and:
- I'll respond by asking you five questions to satisfy my curiosity.
- Update your journal with the answers to your questions.
- Include this explanation and offer to ask other people questions.

Her questions and my answers are behind the cut. Leave a comment to get your own set of questions.


1. I've been reading about your art projects and I'm curious how long you've been making art and taking classes. What do you want to accomplish?

I've always loved arts-and-crafts projects since I was a kid. I took one art class in high school and started doing some drawing and painting on my own, and in college I found sci-fi conventions would let me sell it. It was always strictly in the "amateur" category but I'd make enough to put a dent in the cost of attendance and hotel room. But in college I also found the SCA and after a while events cancelled out most of the cons and creativity went to costuming and calligraphy and all the other arts you can find in the SCA, and that took me all the way to Laurel. But after 30 years or so, staying pre-1600 started feeling restrictive and, actually, I'd started playing a RP char who needed to move herself from artisan to artist. Coming up with her designs, and especially the personal and emotional impact she put in them, made me want to make art of my own. So I spent a year playing with camera and sketchbook, decided it was more than just a passing impulse (and tried poetry and NaNoWriMo and so knew to throw away literary ambitions :-)), and then in 2008 started looking for serious instruction. What I want to accomplish: make art that has meaning to me but that can also speak to others. It's fine if it's light, it may sometimes be dark, but it has to mean something more than "this looks cool". Oh, and yeah, I want to be in a gallery show someday. :-)

2. What does East Coast SCA look like? I know that's a broad question but if you've read my posts, maybe a little compare and contrast?

It looks a lot like the West! Fewer weekend-long camping events, though, and we have many events that don't include fighting, except maybe as a pick-up sparring area off to the side of the parking lot. Schola events, tavern events, arts events, dancing events, and such, instead. But winter will do that. :-) And we aren't used to driving long distances. To go to an event 3 hours away is a big deal for those of us in squished-together New England, where that's often 2 states away. But the garb and the fighting and the people look very much the same and what you've said of the attitudes sounds very much the same, too.

3. How did you get involved in the SCA? Since we met through a completely different connection, the commonality intrigues me.

I came up to Boston and MIT in the fall of 1972 and there was a demo on campus that September for the still-new Barony of Carolingia that had formed only a year and half before. I thought it was wonderful. I was a medieval/fantasy junkie. I'd read Arthurian legends, Tolkien, T. H. White, Mary Stewart's Merlin trilogy, various versions of the Mabinogian, etc., and was doing calligraphy and sewing already. The group was mostly college and high school students, too, so I fit in by age as well as interests, and since I'd never found anyone in high school who shared those interests, I was totally hooked. What's kept me is the range of activities. My husband used to put it something like "I'm in a martial arts group, a theater group, a dance group, a music group, a brewing group. They just all happen to be the same group." And the people involved tend to be similarly multi-faceted and fun to know.

4. Did you ever do your photography project?

LOL! Nope, not yet. :-) One thing, I saw other examples of his work and, well, wasn't impressed. But maybe someone else, someday. There's something about just knowing the possibility exists...

5. What concerts have you been to this year?

Faith and the Muse in Cambridge in April is the only one so far, but it was a fantastic experience. There have been several I've wanted to go to (Lilith tour!) but other things interferred. I did get to a Cirque du Soleil show ("Ovo") and we have tickets for another in December. I have my eye on some other upcoming dates, too. Airborne Toxic Event is around in September, Blitzen Trapper in November.

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