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This Weather Sucks

I do not like this weather. I know, I know, I have it better off than most, our house has central air conditioning, I work in a building that's often all-too-cool, but still... even inside you can feel the humidity? And the air-conditioning in my car hasn't worked for 4 years or so.

This is summer weather of the worst sort, sub-tropical without a beach to mitigate it. When I was young, my family went down from Richmond, VA, to St. Pete Beach in Florida for two weeks in early summer, every year, because we had relatives living in the area. We'd rent a beach-side motel room of better or lesser quality depending on the year and they'd come to visit us, hang out at the pool, sit on the beach themselves. In the evenings, my sister and I would fall asleep to the sound of the grownups chatting on the patio, beers or cocktails in hand, reminiscences and raucous laughter and the South Philly accents my aunts had never shaken. Salty air and language laced with cigarette smoke.

But this weather is from the drive down, from somewhere in South Carolina or Georgia or northern Florida, hot and heavy and humid, where you start noticing the Spanish moss in the trees, gray-green tangles like hair pulled from a shower drain. Not the fun part of the trip. And this makes me want to whine for fall, for the end of summer, "are we there yet? I want to beeeee there!"