Cimeara (cimeara) wrote,


We have wireless again.

On Wednesday, it stopped working. I had just arrived at the sculpture class, one load taken into the studio, when I got the call from my kids. College kids who neeeeeed wireless and my daughter had tried several things but no luck. My jaw ached from dental surgery the previous day, my eyes were burning from the sweat dripping down my forehead, class was nearly about to start and there was another load of wood to carry in from the car. "Later?" said I, but with insufficient explanation and there was what I perceived as argument and I blew up. And from heat, got the cold shoulder when I came home. I tried some things on my own, but only got as far as internet through the wireless router if one connected with a cable to it. Not nearly good enough.

Thurday, work till 7 and then to Readercon for nineweaving's reading and a quick dinner after at the pub and back home to more cold shoulder but I grabbed it and made her talk to me and we straightened out our misperceptions, our mistakes. But still no wireless, and she'd been in touch with tech support and our warranty expired and the software possibly compromised and would we like a software upgrade at $30 or a new router at $60? Feh.

Friday, made use of a $100 Staples gift card I had, and the store about 2 minutes away these days. New router. But, you see, we have this little problem of the desktop's CD drive not working so I copied files over from my laptop via a flash drive. And when installation didn't work right away... eh. My daughter said she'd try some more (tech support being supported again) and I could go off to more Readercon and so I did. Some very good panels and an absolutely delightful reading of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" with nineweaving and greygirlbeast and negothick amongst the players. And finally, finally, passed the "Queen of Hearts" necklace (and by now, accompanying bracelet, because, you know, promises must grow if time passes) on to catvalente. But still no wireless. (And I can't go back to the Sturgeon short story readings because my cellphone went off in the middle of one, with all of five people in the room, to tell me the wireless still wasn't working. I'd forgotten to silence the phone. *sigh*)

So home again at dinner break and I tried, I tried, and if at third you don't succeed, give up, no sense being a damn fool about it, but I didn't and it now works. But too late to go back to Readercon, oh well. There's still tomorrow and Sunday.

And I got to pet a Keeshond at Readercon. His name is Byron and he's a service dog (but I was told it was okay to pet him!) and I had my picture taken with him so I'll be in his scrapbook. :-)


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