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More Classes

The "Assemblage Sculpture" workshop has started at the DeCordova. Two nights a week, three hours per session, for four weeks, and supposedly five students though only four showed up last night. The teacher seems good. She'd prepared a very detailed course outline that she immediately veered from, based on the materials (or rather, lack of materials) that most of the students had come with, so she's flexible. She'd brought some of her own findings for us to use (but we've been told we need to bring our own), and we did start some constructions already, but this is geared to bigger scale than I'd thought beforehand. I'd brought some small tools and stuff like leather scraps and metal findings and plaster mesh and random odds and ends. She brought pieces of logs, of trellis work, particle boards, lots of boards of various sizes and conditions, and drills, hammers, saws, and various size nails for putting them together. This may get difficult: my car just isn't that big.

One other note: she's of German extraction and lived in the UK, in Scotland, for a number of years, so it's a very interesting accent. One of the students is also from Germany, recently enough to have a ".de" on her email address, which is rather cool and "small world" and all that.

Oh, and there are things that look like huge air conditioners mounted inside the studio but we all agree the imperceptible temperature change isn't worth the noise, so the heat wave is not so fun.