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Skulls Available, Possibly Beetle-y

I'd spoken of skulls and bones and sheddings of snake skin, and I've gathered some of what I need. But a pair of coyote skulls that came off eBay were not totally clean. The coyote parts are all gone, but it seems this seller was a little too quick at selling them because I've found cleaner beetles still stuck in crevices and fissure and semi-closed areas. The beetles are all dead (the skulls were treated with peroxide) and I've washed out most, but I think some might still be inside and I don't want to use the skulls for art if they've got beetles in them. And I don't have cleaner beetles of my own to clean out the cleaner beetles. And I need the skulls whole, so I can't cut them apart and pry the bugs out that way.

But if someone else wants to try cleaning them further, or doesn't mind cutting them apart, or doesn't mind dead beetles, I'd be happy to send you these two coyote skulls. Otherwise, they go out in next week's trash.