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Weekend in Connecticut

Road trip. Down to West Haven on Saturday with my daughter and a full carload of sale-priced furniture from Staples to help furnish her apartment for college this fall. The chairs are fine, very good instructions and neatly packaged hardware (by step!) and the only tool needed is the L-wrench provided. Desk... not so easy. Yes, neatly packaged hardware. Plus need for two types of screwdrivers and a mallet/hammer and "step 1" consists of putting in s couple dozen wooden pegs (with glue, provided) and connective bolts and connective locking pieces in five different pieces of laminated particle board, and it continues in complication from there. But, you know, on sale for about $49 so still worth it.

Discovery #1: that unmarked wall control in the bathroom, the one missing the knob so that it's only a half-circle chunk of metal? is actually yet another heating thermostat that controls the bathroom baseboard electric heating. And it wasn't turned off. So turning the through-the-wall air-conditioner on in the living room and leaving the bathroom door open while going out to buy more stuff for the apartment led to a standoff that did not help yesterday's heat & humidity.

Discovery #2: I've gotten too used to hotel room beds. The hammock/cot ought to have been comfortable enough for overnight. It wasn't.

Discovery #3: Cirque du Soleil is still awesome. I was afraid. The first Cirque show I'd seen was "Allegria" in Bridgeport last year and it was absolutely awesome. But then I'd been to a Cirque Illuminations show in Worcester, and yes, it wasn't Cirque du Soleil and it was restricted by a very small venue and a proscenium stage, but the acts were still pretty good and it wasn't awesome. So maybe "awesome" only came with the first exposure? But we (my daughter and I) met up with the rest of the family (my husband and son) at Hartford today at the Cirque du Soleil's performance of "Ovo" and it was, still, indeed, absolutely, no question, awesome. And I want a tarantula cloak. And I want to make a cocoon art piece with polymer clay and gut. And, you know, I can. "We have the technology." ^_^