Cimeara (cimeara) wrote,

Weighing Possibilities

What I've always liked about Weight Watchers is that it lets you decide how to spend your "points". So if I wrap my lunch in a whole wheat tortilla (1 point) instead of using two regular slices of bread (4 points) then I can also have two of the wonderful chocolates that my daughter brought me back from the Netherlands (3 points for 2 generic chocolates, and what Weight Watchers doesn't know about handmade European chocolates doesn't count).

According to the Boston Globe, the Borden Flats Lighthouse near Fall River is again on the market because the guy who got it with a winning bid of $55K has bowed out, saying it was in worse shape than he thought and would need another $150K in renovations. I could almost swing $55K and it would be awesome to have a lighthouse as a vacation home. Unfortunately, it's half a mile offshore (on a reef) so I'd also need to buy a boat to get out to it, and everyone knows that boats are a foolish waste of money.


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