Cimeara (cimeara) wrote,

Stories from far away

My daughter is home from Europe, looking well (if tired) and telling wonderful stories and she's even brought me loot from her journeys: handmade Dutch chocolates and Delft earrings and a heavy embossed and painted dream journal and two lovely little spoons. She is good to me. :-) Also gifts for her father and five bags of stroopwafels for her brother, so she's very good to them, too.

Speaking of lovely little things, I found the stop-motion videos of Mariko Kusumoto's pieces from the "Unfolding Stories" exhibit, where you can watch the pieces being "unfolded". This is why you should get to the Fuller Craft Museum to see her work:

Sushi Restaurant
Self-Entertainment Kit
Tokyo Souvenir
Chess Piece

Tags: art, family, review

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