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Adventures in Cooking

Saturday, the pork roast exploded.

It wasn't a bad idea to dowse the pork roast in applejack, because the applejack was too harsh to be drinkable as is. It wasn't a bad idea to cover the pork roast with foil, to keep it moist in the long roasting period. But it was a bad idea to seal the foil to the edges of the pan. An hour into the roasting, and the sealed-in alcohol fumes pushed their way out in a loud "FOOOMP!" that blew open the oven door. I looked over in time to see the flash of light. The others in the house came to ask about the noise. Nothing caught fire, the oven wasn't damaged, the roast wasn't burnt, even the foil was still intact except for an unsealed edge. This was just an uncontrolled flambe, after all. But I took the foil off completely before closing the oven door.

The other part of the meal was going to be some broccoli rabe, aka rapini. Kudos to chainsawraven for the final goodness of the dinner! When I said I was still looking up recipes for the rapini, he steered me to Tony Luke's Italian Roast Pork Sandwich. I'd even bought rolls and provolone in that day's grocery run. Delicious combination and everyone loved it.

But next time, no explosions.